The Wiring LiquidCrystal library allows for easily writing data to an external generic liquid crystal display (LCD) based on the H44780 controller. It can be used as output to your Wiring programs.

The LCD display has 14 or in some cases 15 pins, from which 8 are used for data transmission, 3 for control operations, 2 for power, 1 for controlling the display contrast and optionally one for lighting it.


Class for manipulating LCD displays connected to the Wiring hardware.

Writes an int, float, byte, char, char[] or a number in decimal, hexadecimal, octal or binary base to the display.

It works as the print method but prints a new line character at the end of each call.

Clears the display screen.

Sets the display cursor at the beginning of the screen.

Moves the cursor to a specific column, row position.